D1 Activating key target groups

The objective of this action is to activate key target groups in order to develop background and to move forward with replicability of project results in other regions of Lithuania and abroad. The key target groups targeted with the action will include national environmental authorities, nutrient waste producers – municipal water treatment plants and biomass boilers, biomass plantation managers and land owners.

Lithuanian forest and land owners association will be responsible for organizing in-field visits and demonstration of actions of circular economy demonstration model in Vilnius region.

In order to reach target groups in other potential markets, small-scale demonstrations will be organized in other region of Lithuania’s Western part and other countries – Sweden and Latvia. The demonstrations will involve selection of already established biomass plantation for small scale demonstration, environmental permitting if any, nutrient rich waste municipal water treatment sludge digestate and/or biomass ashes recycling and required environmental monitoring. Target groups will be invited at different stages to get acquainted with technologies used in small-scale demonstrations and evaluation of results.

At the project end seminars-conferences presenting project results and small-scale demonstration results will be organized in Sweden and Latvia. The purpose of these seminars-conferences will be to discuss with national environmental authorities and other stakeholders possibilities to promote circular economy demonstration model replication in other countries.

In Lithuania final project conference will be organized, involving presentation of project results, presentation of opportunities in other markets – Lithuanian regions and other countries, panel discussion with environmental authorities on legislation improvement issues.

D2  Public awareness program and networking

The main objectives for actives of this action:

- to share and promote common vision on “green economy”, “circular economy”, “nutrient recycling”, “short rotation forestry” and “LIFE program”;

- to share and exchange knowledge on nutrient recycling in biomass growing and policy issues related to circular economy and nutrient recycling;

- to share and disseminate project results and practices;

- to share experience in LIFE program application preparation and project implementation in Lithuania; - to develop networking background for successful transferability and replicability of the project.

During the project the following dissemination material will be developed: Web page, video and photo material, notice boards and Layman’s report.

Lithuanian forest and land owners association will work engaging social media and conventional media to promote public awareness on circular economy nutrient recycling closed loop model.

The project and its results will be promoted during scientific conferences, workshops and events, developing networking with other EU funded projects and while actively participating in LIFE networking events in Lithuania.