The main objective of the project is to create and demonstrate the first of its kind on the EU level full scale self-sustainable closed loop circular economy (CE) model for large cities’ nutrient rich waste - municipal wastewater treatment sludge (MWTS) and biomass ashes – recycling into renewable energy for city’s needs via environment friendly biomass plantation phytoremediation filter.

The specific objectives of the project will include:

- promoting resource efficiency through reuse of nutrients (less usage of mineral fertilizer) and decrease in transportation distances and flows;

- promoting waste management pyramid priorities via changing path from landfilling and incineration of nutrient rich waste towards reuse in biomass growth improvement;

- mitigation of food chain contamination risks via changing path of nutrient rich waste from uncontrolled usage in food crop growing towards 100% legally compliant and monitored non-food biomass yield improvement;

- creating new best practices for dried MWTS digestate usage for non-food biomass;

- developing new business models to make biomass growing / forestry on marginal and less suitable to agriculture soils economically attractive via substantial biomass yield improvement;

- promoting soil organic content improvement via bio-solids applications; - promoting renewable energy production;
- promoting afforestation of less suitable for agriculture / marginal lands;

- contributing significantly to climate change impact reduction by sequestrating significant volume of CO2 in the whole circular economy model value chain, promoting renewable energy production, soil carbon content improvement;

- promoting of EU and national legislation and policies and contributing to their development by promoting safe and environment friendly reuse of nutrients from wastes.